List of reviews of latest project

African Magazine

“[T]he Los Angeles-based graduate of Hollywood’s Musicians Institute is incredibly convincing, warming hearts with a singing style that harks back to the acme of 90s soul music and draws apt comparisons to Sade’s subtle vocals”

“Anyone experiencing a bad day is compelled to spend four and one half minutes listening to the song ‘Life is Good.’ That bad day will become a good day shortly afterwards.”

We Plug Good Music

“With smoky, sensual vocals that are reminiscent of Sade and often compared to Anita Baker, Douyé holds her own as she steps up to center stage with her new project”

The Philippe Matthews Show

“Douye is definitely on the road to stardom”

The Urban Music Scene

“[A]nother smooth track from independent soul vocalist Douye’”

Neo 2 Soul

“Douyé, holds her own as she steps up to center stage with her new project”

Pamela Stitch

“Her newest offering… is so beautiful”

Cres O’Neal Music

“[A]fter listening to both the words and music of Douye’s new single, Golden Days, I was brought to tears”

Soul Bounce

“Though I’ve been known to be hypercritical, her song “Til Morning Comes” stopped me in my tracks.”

Lady Brille Magazine

“Singer and Ladybrille Woman of the Month February 2009, Douye, releases her latest new single ‘So Much Love’ which is a tribute to Africa’s legendary musician Fela Kuti.”

The Soul Listener

“On first listen Douye’ reminds me of Anita Baker and has such a calming and relaxing voice that you can’t help but to be at peace.”

Managing Life’s Changes

“She pours out her soul and experience, letting every listener be with her in an incredible journey.”

Black Vibes

VIbe Weekly

Devendo 1981 Music & Movies

Sonic Soul Reviews




Life Is Good made it to #1 at WCJS Radio station on 02/24/13 ( the most requested song)–pacifica-radio-archives-promotional-video

Both “Life Is Good” and “Til Morning Comes’ climbed the charts on UK Soul Chart